Summer Is Here, Time To Q!

Summer Is Here, Time To Q!

The sun is shining, lemonade is icy cold, and adult libations are in hand. But more importantly who’s running the grill?

This person has the most important job this summer; cooking the meat properly to avoid food borne illnesses and keeping the natives fed! Here’s some advice on how to BBQ like a boss this summer.

First, if you need to defrost your meat, do it properly. Bacteria can multiply quickly on meat or poultry that has been left out at room temperature. Instead, utilize your microwave’s defrost setting and then transfer the meat onto the grill.

Cleanliness is key when it comes to handling raw meat. To prevent the spread of potentially harmful bacteria, always use clean dishes, cutting boards, and utensils. Immediately disinfect the countertops and wash your hands thoroughly to keep everyone healthy.

Finally, always check the internal temperature of all meats on the grill before you serve them. Keep a cooking thermometer nearby to ensure that chicken/turkey breasts are 165 degrees, hamburgers/pork are 160 degrees, medium steaks are 160, and medium-rare steaks are 145 degrees. Let your protein rest in a tin foil tent for about ten minutes after the internal temp has been achieved. This will let the juices redistribute evenly to ensure perfectly moist meat.

Keep your guests happy and healthy this grilling season by filling their plates with delicious food that is well prepared. When you do, you will be the hostess-with-the-mostess!

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